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iDeal Of Sweden is a global brand, with headquarters located in the fast growing city, Norrköping, a local office in Stockholm and four offices in other countries. We're always looking for talent to join our journey. If you can't find a position suiting your skills and expertise, leave an open application and and we'll contact you when a position is available! iDeal Of Sweden is constantly looking to challenge not only the competition, but set new standards for companies all over the world. Be part of something innovative - something new.

Available positions

Opportunities to join a lifestyle

Today we are around 50 employees with expertise in different fields. We are a team where everybody gets along well and with a corporate culture where we constantly work together strive to reach iDeal Of Swedens vision – that our products should be the obvious choice when it comes to mobile accessories. We work with commitment and passion in everything we do and where we endlessly try to develop new ideas to always be at the forefront. In addition to our Swedish team we have representatives in Florida, London, Amsterdam and Shenzhen.

iDeal Of Sweden

  • 300% Growth
    Over 160 million SEK in revenue 2017
  • 1 000 000
    Selling more than 1 million products per year
  • Global Fashion Brand
    Customers in over 50 countries
  • Over 50 employees
    Offices in Norrköping, Stockholm and around the globe